Slide 1 - BIMBecause It Matters
AC4PR’s very own Mark Gotz has created a new radio show here in the Treasure Coast of Florida called BECAUSE IT MATTERS.

The show airs on:
      Radio station WPSL 1590 AM
      Every Thursday at 6 PM
Mark’s intent is to focus listeners on issues local to Treasure Coast communities – because it matters.

IT MATTERS what decisions are being made by our elected officials at a local level.

IT MATTERS BECAUSE many of these official decisions govern not only us, but our children and our grandchildren.

IT MATTERS BECAUSE these decisions affect how we live and where we live.


The shows are archived below.  Click on the links to view and hear each show:

August 21, 2014     Mark discusses Common Core, Mark poses the question for listeners: Why is the U.S. government over reaching into our local education systems by the federal intrusion known as Common Core standards?

August 14, 2014    Mark interviews both Phyllis Frey, Chairwoman of the American Coalition 4 Property Rights, and KC Traylor, Founder of Florida NOT All Aboard. They discuss impacts to the Treasure Coast of the All Aboard Florida high speed passenger rail service that is proposing to send 32 additional passenger trains barreling down the old Florida East Coast Railway corridor at 110 miles per hour, bisecting our Treasure Coast communities – with no stops along the Treasure Coast taxpayer subsidies.

August 7, 2014      Mark interviews Phyllis Frey, Chairwoman of the American Coalition 4 Property Rights. They discuss the success AC4PR had convincing local elected officials in the three Treasure Coast counties of Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties, to withdraw from the 7-county, 50 year regional plan called Seven50. Essentially, AC4PRs efforts converted a Seven50 Plan into a Four50 Plan.


Martin Talks!
If you live in the Martin County area, Florida NOT All Aboard founder K.C. Traylor hosts a similar weekly half hour radio show called MARTIN TALKS! on:
     Radio Station WSTU 1450 AM
     also, Every Thursday at 6 PM
K.C. updates you with the latest news from Florida NOT All Aboard. Additionally, K.C. brings you upcoming issues local to Martin County. Click here for more information about Martin Talks! along with an online archive of Martin Talks! shows.