Westchester County Fights HUD

westchester, HUD, seven50, high densityIf the Seven50 Plan is adopted by the counties of Southeast Florida there’s a very real fear among opponents that Southeast Florida will be controlled through funding from HUD in the same way that Westchester County is being controlled.   HUD is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and is the source of funds to develop the Seven50 Plan and will most likely be the source of major funding for the projects required by the Plan.

Westchester County, NY, has been fighting with HUD for promised funding for years.    After signing a contract with HUD, HUD went and changed the requirements on Westchester County.    Read the full article and then listen to the video in which Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino describes his county’s fight with HUD, over what is now being identified as SOCIAL EQUITY.



It’s the same story all over.  If you object to high density housing being imposed on your area you’re labeled a racist or a NIMBY or a conspiracy theorist.  This cheap shot makes it easy for regional boards, federal government agencies, and non-profits to hide the true objective: implementation of UN Agenda 21′s ‘islands of human habitation.’  This is not some fantasy of ours, it is to be found in objective reality, right there is in your Sustainable Communities Strategy Regional Plans, climate action plans, regional affordable housing requirements, HUD, EPA, DOT, and other agency plans.  Still not sure?  Still afraid to name it?  

Take a listen to this incredible 12 minute speech by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino describing the vicious thuggery of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development–HUD.
Read and watch

HUD’s “Grand Experiment” – in Overreaching (12 min 19 sec)