St Lucie County documents for Seven50 partnership

Do your own research into some of the documents, gathered from public websites, that tell the story about the beginnings of support between the County, the City of Port St Lucie and the Southeast Florida Regional Planning Council.

City of Port St Lucie

Seven50 Consortium Partnership documents

Read the Consortium agreement for Southeastern Fl Regional Planning


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St Lucie County Board of County Commissioners

Memorandum of Understanding for SFRPC
Read the County’s Memorandum of Understanding dated April 13 2010 BOCC MOA

Request from Seven50 to provide a representative to their Executive Committee

See the request for a commissioner to be on the Executive Committee as stated in the September 13 2011 Agenda


St. Lucie Transportation Planning
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Read about the SLC Transportation Improvement Program


See the Bicycle-Pedestrian planning at the March 12,2012 BPAC Agenda


Notes related to the TPO documents

Note pages 106-114 of 155 in the Transportation Improvement document. Over $300 million in government funds are being earmarked for Rail Project expenditures in SLC between 2013 and 2017.

Note on the BPAC document. [The Unified Program Work Plan prepared by the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization and presented to the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization's Bicycle Planning Advisory Committee.] – whew!About $800K worth of SLC planning per year. No indication of the cost to prepare this pretty 84 page document, or the cost to convene and present it to the BPAC.

Regional: South Florida Water Management District

2012 Budget Submission



Federal: National Research Council


Read the Fed’s document on Sustainability for the Nation


Visit the St Lucie County Board of Commissioners website.