City of Port St. Lucie

At the January 13, 2014 Regular Meeting of the City Council, the three attending Council Members discussed whether or not to formally withdraw from the Seven50 program. Present were: Mayor Joann Faiella, Councilwoman Shannon Martin and Councilwoman Michelle Berger. All three unanimously agreed to direct the City Attorney to draft a Resolution to withdraw from the Seven50 regional plan. That Resolution then unanimously passed the City Council by a 4 to 0 vote two weeks later on January 27, 2014.

The primary reasons the Council Members favored withdrawal from Seven50 were

  1. The threat to Home Rule
  2. Higher populated counties have greater representation in regional councils and thus greater power and influence on decision making over smaller jurisdictions.

It was a thoughtful discussion of the impact regionalism has on local control.  View the discussion in the 7 minute 20 second video below: