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Dear Mayor Taylor,

Having taken the time to become fully educated about the pitfalls of Regionalism and the Seven50 plan, I am requesting you vote to remove Palm Beach County from this plan and to join the counties north of us.

Personally, I like Palm Beach county and everything about it.   It’s why I live here.  I am against plans which will phase out our automobiles, move us into a high density environment near the mass transit, and increase our population beyond what our current comp plan allows.

This is not a local plan, but one from the central planners in Washington D.C. It’s a plan that will place us in a Region, and ultimately remove us from the local form of government which is, or should be, the most responsive to the people it represents.

There is no good reason to stay in this plan, but many good ones to get out.

I am and will continue to follow this closely, and hope you will simply say “No” to the Seven50 Plan.


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