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 AAF discussion in the  Member Update portion of the meeting Agenda

TCRPC Executive Director Michael Busha notes that the TCRPC received letters this month from half a dozen local jurisdictions as well as three US Congressmen representing portions of the region all regarding concerns about All Aboard Florida (AAF):


Commissioner Paula Lewis of St. Lucie County reports that prior to her delegation’s trip to Washington DC, our Washington officials knew nothing about the local discontent welling up over All Aboard Florida (AAF) here in the Treasure Coast. Now they know.


Mayor Karen Golonka of the Town of Jupiter in Palm Beach County reported that a public discussion meeting with many local officials attended by over 600 members of the public was held in Jupiter yesterday, April 17th, which provided a lot of information about the proposed AAF service that many people were unaware of.


Council Member Marcie Tinsley of the City of Palm Beach Gardens in Palm Beach County echoed Mayor Golonka’s report of the usefulness of the April 17th Jupiter meeting in informing the public about the impacts AAF will have on local Treasure Coast communities.


Commissioner Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch of the Town of Sewall’s Point in Martin County stated that her town was not in favor of AAF and that she hopes Congressman Murphy, who is now working on the issue, might be successful in moving the proposed AAF service to the CSX rail line that runs up the middle of the state from Miami to Orlando on a more direct route.


Commissioner John Szerdi of the City of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County reported that his jurisdiction removed several references of support for AAF in a recent grant application because the AAF plan does very little to resolve, and in fact exacerbates, the problem of poor of east-west transportation in his community.


AAF discussion during Bob Solari’s AAF motion
Commissioner Bob Solari of Indian River County introduces a motion to focus the TCRPC’s efforts to acquire additional information on the AAF project:


Commissioner Solari restates his AAF motion:


Commissioner Ed Fielding of Martin County asks for clarification:


Councilwoman Anne Gerwig of the City of Wellington in Palm Beach County misunderstands Commissioner Solari’s request about the sealed corridor for the train:


Commissioner John Haddox of Martin County withdraws 2nd on Commissioner Solari’s motion and asks that AAF be included on every future agenda at TCRPC Board meetings:


TCPRC Staff member Kim Delaney offers the Board the most current expected date for publishing the Draft EIS for AFF:


Council Member Michael Houston representing Martin County asks what Staff will do to consolidate AAF questions:


TCRPC Executive Director Michael Busha responds to Council Member Houston’s question: