Stopping Seven50 – The History in Reverse

The End Game

Sometime before February 15, 2014, consortium partners who wish to withdraw must officially notify the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership of their decision to withdraw.

Saturday February 15, 2014 – HUD funding for the grant ends. At this point the Seven50 Plan will likely be adopted by the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership.

It’s unclear, but documents on the Seven50 website suggest that Consortium partners that have not formally withdrawn may now be considered to have adopted the Seven50 Plan and have some level of obligation to IMPLEMENT the Seven50 Plan.

four counties

And Now it is Four!!!!

four counties

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 – Martin County Bd of Commissioners vote to withdraw from the Seven50 Consortium!


In front of a packed-to-overflowing audience of citizens in the commission chambers, Martin County, Florida, Board of County Commissioners, voted 4 to 1, to end the County’s involvement with the 3-year, $4.25 million, seven county, 50 year regional planning effort solely funded by a US Department of HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative Grant, marketed under the fluffy-sounding name Seven50.

Martin County becomes the third county to withdraw from the regional planning consortium that originally consisted of seven southeast Florida counties stretching from Indian River County in the north, to Monroe County in the Florida Keys.

Palm City resident Jerry Kyckelhahn delivered a knife-sharp presentation of fact-filled analysis that laid bare, the arthritic core skeleton of the regional plan that central planners have worked so diligently to disguise under the fancy clothing of carefully contrived public consensus-building sessions, slick marketing materials, and extensive public relations efforts.

After listening to considerable input from their constituents, and doing their own extensive research into the Seven50 Prosperity Plan, the Commissioners decided to formally withdraw as a Consortium Member effective February 22, 2014.

The American Coalition 4 Property Rights thanks the Commissioners for their thoughtful consideration of all input and for their discussion statements, some of which are:

….Planning for 50 years is silliness …

…The entire premise (population growth) is flawed already….

…The longer the outlook horizon, the larger the error rate. So, if you use common sense and go out 50 years, it is utterly ridiculous to spend money for something that is that speculative….

…This train [the Seven50 regional plan] is headed down the track with hardly anyone from the public participating and being knowledgeable of where this “train” is headed …..

…I believe the outcome was decided before this plan was even started….

…The Seven50 plan is vague, ambiguous, not much to it…

Commissioner Haddox wrote his own “Seven50″ plan:

  • I will not expend another dime on another plan that is based on a totally speculative long term horizon population projection.
  • I will not encourage top-down control of government planning by applying for grants that accomplish nothing but filling planners pockets with taxpayer dollars.
  • I will never buy into a plan where the public input is extremely limited and manipulated to arrive at a preconceived conclusion.
  • I will respect each county’s and municipalities rights regarding Home Rule, and I will always demand that Martin County’s home rule be respected.  We can fight about growth and no-growth in this county, but we do it amongst ourselves.  The voters in this county will determine how we grow.
  • I don’t want 3 million more people in Martin County.  My plan will include a way to deter that from happening.


Check out the powerful presentation Jerry Kyckelhahn made at the Martin Board of County Commissioners’ meeting on December 17, 2013


Check out the stunning presentation AC4PR made at the St. Lucie Board of County Commissioners’ meeting on October 15, 2013.   The link to view it follows the Martin County presentations.


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And Now it is FIVE!!!!




Thursday, November 7, 2013 – St Lucie County Bd of Commissioners vote to withdraw from the Seven50 Consortium!

SLC Commissioners

With a packed chamber the St Lucie Board of Commissioners met to hear the Seven50 plan presented by the Seven50 staff. During the Public Comments section of the meeting, PRIOR to the presentation, supporters of our action to withdraw from Seven50 Consortium spoke for almost 2 hours urging the Commissioners to thoughtfully consider the plan and then Withdraw!. Three of the speakers were members of The American Coalition 4 Property Rights, and the 4th was Rosa Koire, a champion for the fight against Agenda 21 from California. The remaining speakers, over a dozen, were concerned citizens and property owners who had heretofore not spoken out but came to the meeting on November 7th to join their voices to ours.

The American Coalition 4 Property Rights THANKS all who spoke and especially THANKS the Commissioners who researched and evaluated, listened and considered, and finally voted to formally WITHDRAW from the Seven50 Consortium.



Thursday November 7, 2013 – 6:00 PM Seven50 staff to present final Seven50 Plan to St Lucie Board of Commissioners at special meeting, open to the public. AC4PR will make a rebuttal presentation at that meeting. If you can only attend 1 Board meeting, THIS IS THE ONE TO ATTEND.

Tuesday November 5, 2013 – 6:00 PM SLC Board of Commissioners meeting. Please come and show your support for the fight to Stop Seven50.

Friday October 18, 2013 – Seven50 staff present final Seven50 Plan to the Treasure Coast RPC and the Southeast Florida RPC in Dania, FL

At this time it is expected that the Plan will be available to the public, either on the Seven50 website ( or in print.

September 2013 – AC4PR begins radio ads to inform public of Seven50

Critical Upcoming Meetings that have influenced St Lucie County to withdraw from the Plan

Tuesday October 15, 2013 – 9:00 AM AC4PR education presentation to SLC Board of Commissioners at regular Bd of Commissioners Meeting. Thanks to those who came to show their support for the fight to Stop Seven50.

August 2013 – AC4PR members speak out at all SLC Bd of Commissioners meetings

July 2013 – Seven50 publishes a Draft Scenario Report with maps, but with little data, showing their preferred vision for how and where we live

July 2013 – AC4PR members speak out at St Lucie Board of Commissioners meeting

June 2013 – AC4PR holds 1st Summit for StopSeven50 at Palm Beach Convention Center, site of Seven50 Summit #3

May 2013 – Seven50 publishes its Subsidiarity Outline and Matrix

May 2013 – AC4PR attends Seven50 presentation at Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) and speak out

Mayor Fletcher, Vero Beach, slams the presentation by Andres Duany, architect of Seven50, given at the TCRPC during a Vero Beach City Council meeting.

May 2013 – St Lucie County residents join with American Coalition 4 Property Rights (AC4PR)

April 2013 – St Lucie County residents formed task force to educate county residents about Seven50

St Lucie County becomes Active…

March 2013 – St Lucie County residents hear Dr. Michael Coffman and learn about the Seven50 Plan

December 2012 – Residents convince Indian River County Board of Commissioners to withdraw from Seven50.

October 2012 – Residents form American Coalition 4 Property Rights formed to fight the adoption of Seven50

October 2010 – Seven50 begins selection of consultants and staff to draft the Regional Blueprint and Vision for Southeast Florida

During the next several years very little information was made public about Seven50. Despite small announcements in the local papers and a mention on their website about the “road show” charettes, most of the residents and and voters in the 7 county area were unaware of the planning effort underway to transform the 7 independent counties into a mega-region.

October 2010 – Southeast Florida Regional Partnership (now known as Seven50) is awarded a $4.25M SCI grant by HUD

Southeast Florida woke up in 2012…..

October 2012 – A small number of Indian River County residents noticed an article in the local paper and attended the Seven50 charette held in Vero Beach and were APPALLED at what they heard.

Commissioner Bob Solari sends letter to Michael Busha, Executive Director of the Treasure Coast RPC, to withdraw from Seven50 on the basis of fundamental differences in values held by the majority of Indian River County residents, those of:

  • Limited Government,
  • Local Decision-Making,
  • Property Rights,
  • a Representative Democracy,
  • Fiscal Responsibility, and
  • Liberty

April 2010 – The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and the Southeast Florida Regional Planning Council form the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership (SFRP), and cities and counties in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Martin, St Lucie, and Indian River County come together as Consortium partners in the SFRP to apply for SCI grant

It Started in 2009….

June 2009 – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announces funding available for grants under the Sustainable Communities Initiative(SCI)