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The Seven50 website says:

Seven50 (“seven counties, 50 years”) is a blueprint for growing a more prosperous, more desirable Southeast Florida during the next 50 years and beyond. The plan is being developed to help ensure a vibrant and resilient economy, and stewardship of the fragile ecosystem in what is quickly becoming one of the world’s most important mega-regions.

You know, if that were true you wouldn’t be reading this website, now would you?   Frankly, I wish it were true.  Then I wouldn’t be spending so much time putting together this website.    I could be enjoying my grandchildren and the ever-changing clouds and reading a good book.  Instead I’m taking this time to fight to preserve my right to CHOOSE where and how I live, to protect my property rights, and yours, while it’s still possible to do so.   The Seven50 Plan will take that CHOICE away and subjugate my desires to the ones made by bureaucrats in Miami, by HUD, or by a Federal agency.

Their Plan

seven50, southeast florida, regionalism

Their Plan


  • Southeast Florida Regional Partnership
  • Non-elected bureaucrats
  • Their vision of our growth controls all:
    • land and water
    • plants and animals
    • energy
    • construction
    • human beings
    • and more
  • Federal agency funded (your taxes)
  • Local control – gone

What’s Wrong

seven50, regionalism, new urbanism

What’s Wrong

“Best Practices”? Hardly!

This Seven50 plan will create:

  • Unwanted federal government intrusion and regulation in local matters
  • A loss of local decision-making authority and private property rights
  • Increased government spending and layers of bureaucracy
  • Changes to the county’s desired low density character and scale

And those “Best Practices” are Undefined!


seven50, sustainable, new urbanism


Flashy, but what does this really mean?

Questions that should be asked and answered:

  • What is their definition of sustainable & equitable communities?
  • How is this attained without the taking/denying citizen’s property rights?
  • Does this mean property owners must sacrifice developable land to “open space” for which they can never recoup their investment expectations?
  • What will be the cost to taxpayers?
  • How will this affect our right to use, improve and sell our private property?

Take Action

seven50, sprawl, high density, smart growth

Take Action

NOW is the time

    Well documented research has shown that “smart growth/code” is very expensive and not so smart.

  • Research and educate yourself and others on their plans.
  • Contact local city and county officials and ask them to answer these questions.
  • Become aware of planning meetings and agenda items in our county and cities that discuss sustainability. Voice your opposition to the federal government’s invasion into our local matters and private property rights.

Discover for yourself how Seven50 will re-engineer your life and the way you live, if not tomorrow then certainly in your children’s and grandchildren’s time.    Take a look at the rest of our website, watch a few videos, and then, if you are concerned for the future in Southeast Florida, join us in the fight to Stop Seven50!